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    Just as the title says, we are going to put together a system to pay you for getting your reputation higher on the forums.

    Don't forget to upvote the posts that are useful or helpful to you to help the person up their reputation. Posting also counts towards reputation.

    But don't be mean, or people may neg you, that lowers your overall rep.

    We will post more details soon.

    Let us grow our community and project together!

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  • Simon


    The text was too long to reply in a pm so here are your answers....

    1. Brief description of myself... I will not get into too many details or someone may guess my identity. Which I don't really want to have happen right now, it may influence the coin's growth, etc. However, I have been in crypto now for over 5 years. Started with some mining and learning that, then went on to project leadership and leading development. I myself am not a developer per se, but I do some web development and developmental design and implementation. I can do some small bits of other development, but I have a team of people who are better than me at that. I'm more the idea man, and come up with the things, how they will work, and their implementation methods, then have a more experienced developer on the team carry out the work.

    2. An Algorithm, is the way a coin's blockchain is 'moved'. Cryptographic hashing done on CPU/GPU/ASIC. The polytimos algo in particular, is a very 'difficult' algo, that is basically a 'daisy chain' of a bunch of other long standing algos that are run back to back. Through one to the other, and so forth. It is meant to be able to be adapted to GPU (which already happened. Very quickly) then to ASIC eventually. Running the entire gamut of BTC style mining changes, only in a quicker manner, as people are now already accustomed to crypto currencies and their evolution in mining.

    3. We decided to build our own algo, to give the project a chance to DO what I mentioned above, had we started with simply a copy of another algo that already existed, we would not have been able to start on CPU (even being a short period as it was, it still fulfilled our overall goals.) and would have been 'stuck' with whatever already existed for whichever algo we chose.

    4. This algo, is the start of what will be coming with all algos in the future. Something that is 'more difficult' and thus more secure. The difficulty of the algo is directly related to how difficult it would be to 'crack' the chain, thus breaking the blockchain. For example, if there were to be quantum computers that came out right now, BTC's algo would be 'cracked' and would have to be changed. However, given the difficulty of the POLY algo, it would be much more difficult for it to be 'cracked' and need a change. Thus, the 'future' is to be more difficult, and resistant further to the potential to be 'cracked'.

    5. The team and I came up with the idea after a team member started playing with multiple algos and came up with what is now the polytimos algo. We then decided to start a project with a community philosophy, and one which could run the gamut of BTC mining in a shorter period of time. One that would be more fair than BTC was due to the amount of people that now know about cryptocurrencies, and one that would be a great 'store of value' that would grow naturally, and have services along with it that would provide further value. The price of the coin, given these, should essentially grow nice and steadily, and should be a very stable price given a continued natural growth in this manner.

    6. I do expect the poly algo to be used in projects in the future. It is a solid algo and one that has not been 'optimized' on all platforms yet, and lot of people enjoy doing that, so this is a fun type project for them. I expect that we will also eventually see ASIC miners, and lots of people will follow for this purpose as well, but I do think that will take some time to actually happen, as hardware specific development takes a bit of time to get right.

    comments/extras... We encourage people to take a look at poly, use the project for whatever they like, and 'make it their own' as this is the entire purpose for the project. To have something that grows 'from the ground up' makes it more able to be used by anyone, as opposed to something that starts with a high price and high barrier of entry. This allows people to pick up poly, and turn it into whatever they'd like. While ourselves within the team keep on bringing out new features and services to help further everything overall.

    The community, is the backbone to any good project, and we would love to see the poly community be one of the largest and most helpful that exist. We are not ever looking for pump and dump type crap, only solid and natural price increase in accordance with what is possible and what services are available. We will make many people quite happy I'm sure, with their stack of coins, when they see all the services we bring to the table, and what we do with the project overall, however, we stress the fact that it isn't all on the team to do things, ANYONE and everyone can do whatever they like with poly, as this is part of its philosophy. We want anyone that would like to have a solid cryptocurrency platform with which to build and offer their services, and/or accept as payment, to have that option without having to do any of the difficult development work.

    The network, community, and services of the project, will continue growing, and we will see what happens with the hypothesis we started when starting this coin.

    Thank you!

    -Simon of Polytimos
    co-founder/project lead/community manager

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  • Simon

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to make sure you all knew that POLY is now listed on crypto-bridge DEX.

    I have written a how-to use the DEX here...


    Here is the listing itself (accessible through browser with no install of client)...


    in my opinion DEX are the future of crypto trading, as we have seen with all the centralized exchanges having issues with service, and a lot of them now not even allowing registration. In order for the crypto market to grow as it will and should, Decentralized Exchanges are absolutely necessary.

    So, we are ahead of the times having this DEX as our new 'main exchange'. We should not see any of the issues that we see on coinsmarkets or any of the centralized exchanges.


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  • Simon

    As the title states, we've built a brand new pool hosted on my own infrastructure, it is being alpha tested internally now, will announce shortly when ready for public use, and a how-to.

    I'm very excited about this one. :)

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  • Simon

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to let you know that the whitepaper for polytimos is being started. I am going to do the main portions of it, and I have an in-depth technical writer who will do the more technical portions of the algo and other things.

    I expect to have at least something finished to send to him for the extra detail within the week.

    Just wanted to let you all know. :)

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  • Simon


    We are announcing today that our custom built API for PolyShield MasterNode host/share is now complete. What this means, is we can now use this API to not only track nodes, but also track ownership, and execute payouts. It is meant to be internal only, though we may open up the tracking portion to the public.

    This is the first major step for our integration into a new PolyShield website where clients can then login, put in their own payout addresses, get into new rounds, etc.

    This is a great step forward for PolyShield. Soon we will be able to move out of pre-alpha, into alpha, then quickly into beta. I would say now actually we're basically alpha. Since we have the payouts semi-automated. We do not have the portion to BUY poly automated yet, I have been purchasing the coins and placing them into a wallet for the use of the payout node, but close enough. :)

    I for one, am very excited about this development.

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  • Simon

    Just as the title states, both papers are complete, will be having them read over a couple times by a few of the team, to make sure we're all good, then announcing them officially.

    But wanted to share them with the forum first.

    Here you are... (download OpenOffice to read these docs if you don't have office software.) -

    OpenOffice download here - https://sourceforge.net/projects/openofficeorg.mirror/files/4.1.5/binaries/en-US/Apache_OpenOffice_4.1.5_Win_x86_install_en-US.exe/download

    (download links hosted by crowetic cloud)

    WhitePaper preview - https://cloud.crowetic.com/index.php/s/z3Cid8dBRekRFiS

    Polytimos Philosophy paper preview (written by crowetic) - https://cloud.crowetic.com/index.php/s/TJQ6mFkaQJab4MP

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  • Simon

    We are pleased to announce the pre-alpha of a new service we're calling PolyShield, what this service is... is a MasterNode hosting/sharing service.

    The idea of this service, is to allow people to share and collab on the ownership of a MasterNode for various tokens, and at same time to assist Polytimos' growth in price, and bring in more people to the polysphere!

    More information will be coming shortly, including the first decided MasterNode for the service.

    General idea is this...

    1. Announcement will be made on the coin that the next MasterNode built will be based on.
    2. Anyone interested in getting into the next launched node, will have ability to contribute various coins into the fund.
    3. Overall amount needed divided by overall amount costs, is your ownership share % of that node.

    The split of MN rewards will be as below...

    5% - to service to continue and expand, including dedicated site development and automation of MN creation. Also new infrastructure additions, how-to creations for MNs, and much more for community. This will come 'off the top' pre-conversion to any other token and pre-payout.

    5% - for poly team / development - to get more poly services made.

    the total less 10% will be considered 'total rewards' of MN rewards. That will be paid as follows...

    25% of total MN rewards will be paid out in poly to the person
    75% of the total MN rewards will be paid out in the MN coin to the person.

    Changes to the above^ - We will by default pay 100% in POLY, intention being to funnel coin income from MNs into poly which will make POLY grow in support and price.

    However, users may request up to 75% paid out in the coin of the MN. For instance: we run INN and BTDX nodes, user selects 50% to be paid in INN or BTDX, and 50% to be paid in POLY. On payout day, user collects 50% of THEIR overall total percentage in POLY and 50% in INN. User will have to provide an address for the payout in both tokens. There will be a specified place in the forum for this information. It will be documented in a database on the PShield team's infrastructure.

    Eventually this service will likely be moved to a 'colored coin' or a token on another blockchain, where it will be kept track of. This will decentralize the service more, and provide visibility for all users.

    The above will be defaults, and people can decide to change the settings to get more poly and less of the other coin if they choose, but the minimum will be 25% of payout in poly, in order to support poly in terms of continual buy support adding to exchange.

    The people doing the PolyShield sharing will be documented with their addresses both Poly and the MN coin. For now this will all be documented in a private section of the forum.

    MasterNodes running in PolyShield will always be publicly posted for monitoring. Everyone can see the nodes and make sure they are up and running. Eventually there will be a website created for showing all necessary information and project will continue development and enhancements in automation and more.

    Announcement will be made soon deciding on which MN will be first MN of PolyShield service.

    While service is in pre-alpha, payouts will happen 1-2 times per month, once more automation is added, payouts can be done more frequently.

    Service is made to both enhance support of poly price, and give smaller crypto holder a chance to have ownership of partial masternode if they cannot afford one themselves. Also then will not have to setup the masternode, have the server, etc. All the back end setup will be done by PolyShield developers.

    Infrastructure already exists capable for many MNs, and as service grows, more will be possible, and as trust is gained, more people will join. All the way support poly to help it become a great store of value for all holders.

    PolyShield will remain fully honest and open with everyone. Both inside and outside of the service itself. Any requested information on nodes, and verification of nodes running, will be provided.

    No responsibility will be on the PolyShield service in regard to any MN coin that has issues, or goes very low in price, as PolyShield has no control over this aspect. People looking to do shared MN ownership with PolyShield will recognize this and not grow upset if a MN PolyShield is running, has a sudden price drop of the coin, or anything beyond control of PolyShield.

    Only promises PolyShield will make, is that it shall be honest, provide all necessary proof in terms of running nodes, and full amounts of coins converted for payouts, and coins sent to PolyShield for MN ownership. Everything is easy tracked on all blockchains that are running MNs, and updates will be posted as far as status on situation once service is started.


    Thank you and here is to strong future for POLY and PolyShield MN sharing/hosting service. We look forward to making your MN ownership simple and no-stress, and making healthy gains together in this new crypto world!

    -Simon of Polytimos
    co-founder PolyShield MN hosting/sharing service

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  • Simon

    ANNOUNCEMENT - Pool ready for beta testers!

    POOL IS NOW 100% TESTED AND WORKING, AND IN OPEN BETA! We are actively looking for more miners, and will be adding more coins soon.

    We are now actively looking to increase the size of the pool, while we start thinking of new coins to add, etc.


    The Crypto Pool Party! Where we make crypto mining wet n wild! :D



    Sample POLY configuration for batch files for ccminer and sgminer below...

    ccminer POLY configuration

    replace things in [brackets] and remove brackets.

    ccminer -a poly -o stratum+tcp://cryptopool.party:3032 -u [yourPOLYaddy.yourWorkerName] -p x -i [your intensity, 22 works well for me]

    sgminer POLY configuration

    replace things in [brackets] and remove brackets.

    sgminer.exe --algorithm polytimos -o stratum+tcp://cryptopool.party:3032 -u [yourPOLYaddy.yourWorkerName] -i [your intensity, 22 works well for me]

    Download Links for miners below...


    RVN ccminer nVidia GPU Windows - https://github.com/todd1251/ccminer-x16r/releases/download/

    RVN CPU Miner Windows - https://rvn.suprnova.cc/cpuminer-multi-rel1.3.3-x64.7z

    RVN CPU Linux - https://github.com/tpruvot/cpuminer-multi

    RVN CPU Mac - https://gist.github.com/quagliero/90f493f123c7b1ddba5428ba0146329a


    POLY ccminer nVidia GPU Windows - https://github.com/punxsutawneyphil/ccminer/releases/download/polytimosv2/ccminer-polytimos_v2.zip

    Alternative from tpruvot - https://github.com/tpruvot/ccminer/releases/download/2.2.4-tpruvot/ccminer-x64-2.2.4-cuda9.7z

    POLY sgminer AMD GPU Windows - https://github.com/polytimos/release/raw/master/sgminer-polytimos.zip

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  • Simon

    @sisu Thank you for sharing. Do you have the github for the miner that you are using so people may scan/test and give their results?

    We will start a poly programs section as well, and sticky good downloads. Really good ones can also be added to main website, or a link to forums on main website.

    Everyone please give their feedback on this. Thank you.

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  • Simon

    We are going to launch Twitter campaign to hopefully catch a phrase "#POLYwannaCrypto?" on Twitter. Also to grow community and get more people here to grow with us. :)

    We will pay randomly from 1-200 coins for varying levels of account size, reach, creativity, etc. Basically the more effort you have put into your account and your posts, the more you will be paid, random payments.

    You can be paid up to 6 times, more for waiting a while between your posts and showing dedication to POLY.

    We will provide phrases, or you can make up your own, but get them approved by a team member or community and team member by way of placing them into another forum topic.

    We want to encourage engagement, creativity, and fun.

    We also are looking for a 'mascot' for POLY, and we think a parrot to personify "POLYwannaCrypto?" would be perfect. Feel free to submit others, we will all decide together.


    #Polytimos - Come form YOUR community. Natural growth as crypto should be. Our goals together. #FairRelease #noICO #noBS #POLYwannaCrypto?

    #Polytimos - Experience a truly organic community. Join Polytimos community! #POLY #FairRelease #OrganicallyGrown #POLYwannaCrypto?

    #Polytimos - Very Precious indeed, come experience a fair crypto. https://forum.polytimos.net #mining #FairRelease #POLYwannaCrypto?

    #POLYwannaCrypto? - like our slogan? http://forum.polytimos.net - like our stuff. #polytimos #FairRelease #noICO #POLY

    #POLYwannaCrypto? - Chill community to help build your future? http://forum.polytimos.net - you're welcome. #polytimos #noICO #POLY

    #Polytimos - The Very precious crypto - MasterNode host/share service https://forum.polytimos.net #POLY #FairRelease #POLYwannaCrypto?


    Come back here and post a screen and link to your tweet to be paid your random poly prize!

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