• Simon

    Hello everyone!

    Many sorry for taking such a long time to get the forums back up... There had lot going on in the timeframe and we took too much time to bring this back for community.

    It is intention to continue again with the forums.

    Many sorry again!

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  • Simon

    Hello all!

    Just wanted to come in and post an update as I've been a little bit busy lately.

    The POLYSHIELD development team (crowetic and company) are working hard on getting the platform finished. There have been a few things that came up which hadn't been realized until they were run into in terms of low level development. This has caused a bit of a delay in the overall development of the platform, but it is still on track for completion very soon.

    The stakepool portion of the platform is nearly complete. Deposits, and implementation of coin into the stakepool itself are working, along with low-level manipulation of the transactions for staking optimization.

    Decisions on which coins to support at the public beta launch are still being made (and we are accepting suggestions here for that, so feel free to suggest whichever coins you think would be good to support!) and the finalization of the rest of what is necessary to launch the stakepool in public beta is being finished.

    The MasterNode host/share portion will be completed once the stakepool portion is finished. The payment side is done for most of the running nodes, and the rest of the running nodes are being setup into the payment tool.

    The way the launch of the public beta will be completed, is likely to be stakepool first, while the MasterNode portion is completed, followed by the MasterNode portion.

    We are open to partnerships in many ways with this platform, and will provide information on how that can happen shortly as well.

    Thank you for the continued support and apologies for the time extra that has been taken with the release, we just want to make sure that everything goes perfectly and the platform is fully ready before putting it to the public.


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  • Simon

    Hello All!

    I just wanted to come in and post an update regarding the recent delays in both my replies to people and POLYSHIELD payouts. Just so you all know there is nothing to worry about.

    POLYSHIELD development recently had to be put on hold due to attacks VS @crowetic's infrastructure (where literally all of the POLY websites and POLYSHIELD servers along with cryptopool.party are hosted. This forced crowetic to move the pool to another host, and setup multiple new attack prevention methods. Unfortunately, this also caused a delay in the development of the POLYSHIELD website, and delays in the payouts for existing alpha rounds of POLYSHIELD.

    Now though, everything is back on track, POLYSHIELD site is back in active development, and we're heading forward at full speed. The attack prevention methods implemented will be put ahead of the site once it goes public as well, so that these types of things will not continue to take place.

    Payouts for Rounds 1 and 2 of POLYSHIELD will also take place shortly. Some of you may have noticed a payout, that was accidental and was done because of an update that was needed to the BWK wallet causing issues. The POLY was paid out, but the BWK was not. We are repairing this and executing the other payments ASAP. Should be within the next day or so.

    Thank you all for the continued support, and we look forward to putting out the POLYSHIELD beta very soon. Thanks!

    Oh yea, and another thing, the POLY website was also something that had issues during the attack. It has now been rebuilt and is being worked on. It will be updated further and have more put on it soon as well. Thank you!

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