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    @reekod May be for your SGminer it's necessary to point username and password in some different way than in CCminer. Try to read --help of SGminer.

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    @mikev said in **#|[HowTO]|#** Solo mining Polytimos:


    arrgh! I'm starting to think that I'm just better off mining in a pool.

    Try this may be? Poly ccminer

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    I'm getting 22+ MH with GTX1070 cards. ccminer-polytimos_v2.

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    It's obvious that in your case the polytimos.conf is placed in wrong folder. Try to find something like C:\Users\rabinovitch\AppData\Roaming\Polytimos. It's a default location for poly's blockchain and other data. PM me with Teamviewer credentials if you need my personal help.

    p.s. my POLY address if any: PV9gWAekkFcncPcZrz9mcgJfesmUx14SyH

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    @calmadigital Looks like polytimos.conf. is correct. Yes, you should run the wallet since the miner is getting the "mining tasks" from it.

    Is your Polytimos wallet synchronized with network? Have you restarted Polytimos wallet after creating (or editing) polytimos.conf?
    p.s. and please replace EXPORT with set in miner's .bat-file.

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    Hello, POLY community!

    I strongly believe that solo mining directly to the wallet should be implemented in every coin. It will help the network of the coin to be decentralized in the true meaning of that word... Fortunately in case of POLY it is possible, and here is how everyone can do it.

    I do solo mining with Windows 7 both on PC with the wallet and on mining rig.

    Download a QT-wallet (polytimos-qt.exe).
    Create polytimos.conf file with Notepad or any other text editor in Poly's data folder. Personally I start poly wallet with the following .bat-file:

    polytimos-qt.exe -datadir=E:\ProgramData\Polytimos

    So i know where the poly's datadir is. :grinning: If you use default path, try to find it by yourself. It will improve your IT skills.

    Insert next content in this file:

    rpcuser=rabinovitch (your username here)
    rpcpassword=weneedreallygoodprezidenthereinRussia (any long and strong password here)
    rpcallowip= (IP address of your remote rig with a lot of GPUs)

    Next, start ccminer (or whatever mining software) with the following .bat-file:

    ccminer -a poly -i 23 -o -O rabinovitch:weneedreallygoodprezidenthereinRussia

    The IP address in this example is, it's an IP-address of the PC with Poly's wallet in your case; if you want to mine on the same PC where the wallet is started.

    User credentials in this example should be replaced with your rpcuser and rpcpassword you will input in your polytimos.conf.

    And here we go:

    alt text

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