• maske94

    @simon This is what I posted on the FB group. I will monitor it and try to help if necessary :)


    This is my POLY address : PR44W7ymLDfcsdkDDozs4cFMt6d8EgiYMZ

    Thanks a lot and best wishes for this project :)
    Let's grow together!!

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  • maske94

    Hi @Prospector47
    I have 3 overclocked and bios modded AMD radeon rx 580 and they reach about 33Mh/s altogether. Very low hashrate compared to nvidia.

    I played a bit with the intensity value and the maximum I can reach without crashing the cgminer is -i 23 , above this value the program stopped to run.

    I think that for this algo AMD are not very strong but as @Fotherly said you can try the OC (overclocking) option and see if it improves the performance. Actually I have already done it but for ETH mining, I'm not sure that the current settings work fine for POLY as well.
    I'm going to spend some time in fine tuning OC settings and see if it can improve on this algo too.

    I'll be back to you if I'll find some interesting results. if you want to follow the OC way, here a well done tutorial you can follow step by step :


    Good Luck!

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  • maske94

    @simon what about expand the hashtag to other social like facebook for instance? I'm part of a pretty large miners' group in FB and I think most of the members will appreciate this project. If you would like I can write a post on that group in order to spread the word :)

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  • maske94

    Hi, congrats for this promising project. It seems nice and seriuos.
    I'll definitely keep an eye on it and try to help if needed.

    Best wishes!

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