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    Polytimos is now enabled in the latest release of CCMiner, and ZPool also allows for Polytimos pool mining with auto conversion to other coins.

    I use Awesome Miner, which does not include Polytimos in it's profit sharing profiles...

    Below is how to add Polytimos algo and enable ZPool polytimos into Awesome Miner profit switching profiles. This will also allow you to use Awesome Miner to use Managed Miner for single algo mining in other pools (Just be sure to have that pool defined within Awesome Miner).

    1. Options -> Algorithms (Coins & Profit Section).
    2. "Add" -> Polytimos (In "Algorithm name).
    3. Managed Software (Managed Hosts section).
    4. Highlight CcMiner 2.2.4 -> Edit
    5. Scroll to Polytimos (Towards bottom).
    6. Click "Enable" under "Enable/Disable" column.
    7. In "User defined command line argument" put polytimos (all lowercase).
    8. Hit OK.
    9. In "Online Services" -> "User defined online services"
    10. "Add"
    11. Add the following:
    • Service: ZPool
    • Algorithm: Polytimos
    • URL Base: zpool.ca:8463
    • Algorithm URL part: polytimos
    • Algorithm API identifier: polytimos.
    • Profit Factor: 1
    • Password: Whatever you want it converted to (c=BTC, LTC, etc).
    • Check "Include in Managed Profit Switcher"
    1. Benchmark Polytimos.

    All set =)

    You can now mine ZPool Polytimos algo and convert it to whatever currency you dictated. Make sure that your c= currency matches the currency of your wallet id you assigned to the pool for the other algos.

    As I mine in auto convert pools, I do not actually have a poly wallet. I do however have BTC, LTC wallets if people want to donate to there.

    BTC: 1PZD4dqcG1vRtytX51qaTevqAjsgen6zRJ
    LTC: LNEBXpt7ZqvZuYdF2C6aXP9dBPbC5VdcRA

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