Hello, I am Simon. I have been working with the other creators of polytimos for many years. We have seen many coins come and go, and many promises made and not fulfilled.

We want poly to be different. You will not see us announce something until it is ready to be used.

We will not ask you for anything until the service is ready and you are getting involved.

We will never do anything that isn't able to be verified as true.

We accept all criticism and input by community.

We encourage community and support community.

We encourage community development and help with community projects.

We keep on for long term and make poly into a very solid value store coin with many attached useful and creative services that users can use and help each other with.

We will always take suggestions and never criticize people for giving them or not knowing things, and will help them to understand whenever we can.

We love decentralization and will help to make it stronger within and outside polytimos.

We think of poly as the hidden gem in crypto that only the ones who know, know. We will not do a lot of big promotion and will let our community grow naturally.

We choose to remain anonymous not because we have something to hide, but because it doesn't matter WHO we are, it matters WHAT we do. What we do, is provide honest services for honest users, and give transparent nature to all that we do.

Any questions, definitely ask! Any ideas? Give them if you will! Let us all treat poly as OUR project, and make it great together!

We do NOT encourage pumps or pump talk. We are not looking for this, we believe pumps destroy coins. Instead we like steady and natural growth of marketcap and services and price of our beloved Very Precious token.

Come along with us, and enjoy the fruits of the Very Precious token, polytimos!