Hello all!

Just wanted to let you know that we're now typing the POLYSHIELD name all caps, as I like how it looks on the new beta site. :)

Any current members of the POLYSHIELD shared nodes, we would like you all to sign up on the beta, please message @crowetic#4676 in Discord to get invited to their pre-launch testing group.

The site is working now with deposits, crediting accounts, and basic MasterNode tracking (showing whether node is running fully or not running. More advanced tracking will come later.) The POLYSHIELD service I fully expect to bring a LOT of users to Polytimos. It is going to be BIG growth for the coin the end of the year, as the price is EXTREMELY under-valued.

crowetic is also working on some new partnerships for POLYSHIELD, as well as for POLY overall. Going to be a great year, and beyond!